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Do you have a hermit crab that you need to find a new home for? The HCA can help! Our members are always looking to adopt hermit crabs, and we may be able to put you in touch with someone close to you.

Please contact the Adoption Coordinator at adoptions [at] hermitcrabassociation [dot] com (to reduce spam you will have to manually enter the email address into your email program). They will work with you to find potential adopters in your area and answer any questions you may have. This email is NOT for people who want to adopt hermit crabs, or buy/sell hermit crabs. If you are looking to adopt, please register for our forums and read the Adoption Forum Rules topic in the Adoption section for information on how to list yourself as an available home.

This personalized adoption service is available both to non-members and HCA members who have a hermit crab they need to rehome. The Adoption Coordinator will contact local HCA members, post a notice in the Adoption Forum, and may also post on the HCA Facebook page, all while keeping your name and contact information hidden and anonymous.

When you contact the Adoption Coordinator, please consider including the following information, to speed up the process of locating an adopter:

  • Your city and state
  • How far you would be willing to travel to meet someone
  • How many hermit crabs you are rehoming
  • Their size (dime, quarter, ping pong ball, egg, baseball, etc)
  • The species of hermit crab, if you know
  • Any supplies or enclosures you would be including
  • The adoption fee, if you are asking for one
  • How long you've had the hermit crabs, and how many times they have molted for you
  • Any other information you think may be helpful
  • You are also welcome to attach photographs if you are unsure of any of the above questions. These may be forwarded onto potential adopters or posted in our Adoption Forum to help our members decide if they are able to adopt your hermit crabs.

    The Adoption Coordinator is a volunteer position, so please realize that it may take a few days for them to return your email and to get in contact with a local adopter. If we are able to locate someone who is able to adopt, we will send their contact information to you. You will then be responsible for contacting the adopter directly and setting up the exchange.

    Please note that the HCA cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the adoption, setting up the adoption, or parties that do not follow through.