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Post Your Heating Methods

Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 8:12 am
by NewCrabber
POST BY BILL:Here is a template that might be helpful. I'll fill in my answers to start:Tank size (in gallons, or dimensions if other than aquarium): 75 gallons, 48"x18"x22"House temp day/night: 70 all the timeMain heating method: Daytime- I have 2 48" fluorescent bulbs, 40 watts each, and a UTH (25 watt 11x17 from Hagen) modulated by a thermostat to keep temp 85 or under at substrate bottom. Night- The fluorescents go off and a 40 watt ceramic heater goes on.Auxilliary heating method(s): 40 watt ceramic on at night when dual 40 watt fluorescents go offTank temperature: 78-80 daytime (82-84 warmest area on second level, 72-74 in some of the subterranean caves I have landscaped in). 75 night time (ambient air temps for both)Tank Humidity: 70-80%Tank cover type: Glass with 2-3" gap under fluorescent stripUse of thermostat or rheostat yes/no (if yes which and what kind?): Thermostat, Alife 3 outlet modelUse of day light for day/night cycles (yes/no): yesOverall satisfaction and/or success with your method (i.e. are you happy with the results, or do you feel there is something more you can do?): I may hook up the ceramic heater to a thermostat for use around the clock now that it is getting a lot colder. Even though my house is set at 70, the temp in their area gets a little cooler due to the room it is in. Otherwise, I have the tank at the temperature and humidity I want virtually all the time with little adjustment being made.Any comments or suggestions you have with regard to the implementation of your method for someone else with a similar set up to yours: e-mail me at if you have a large tank and I can tell you exactly how I did some of the things I listed.If anyone has information on any other UTH's, or additional info or experience with the ones I listed in this article, please, by all means share it so we can all learn more about them!Copyright 2004, Kazabee, Inc.