Healthy Happy 5 PPs in Columbia, MD seeking new home

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Healthy Happy 5 PPs in Columbia, MD seeking new home

Post by rocknrolla » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:36 pm

Location (nearest large city, state, country): Columbia, MD

How Far Will You Travel?: Since it is a whole set up, I prefer a pickup. but I am willing to meet up halfway.

Would You Be Willing to Ship? (Applicable in the USA Only): NO

Number of Crabs, Size of The Crabs, and Species If Known: 5 Medium-large (Golf ball size) PPs

Supplies and Tank That Are Included (If Any):

29 gal tank
Play sand
foods - pallets, dried shrimp, dried mealworm, coconut chips, dog treat(they love these)
tons of extra shells
3-4 food bowls
plastic mesh sheet
hemp net
hemp twine/cord
hamster wheel
Cholla woods
soap container for the second level

Adoption or Supply Fee Being Asked (If Any): $20 for reptile basic UTH pad.

I Would Like to Be Contacted By PM.
Any Other Information:

Most recent setup:

Unfortunately, limited space in my new apartment and my work schedule, I can’t provide care that I want. They are currently in 29 Tall gallons set up as pictured. They grew so much past years and I think they need a bigger set up.. I am not in a rush to let them go, so I would like to send them to someone who has a good setup for them. (Preferably 75+ gallon tank.) Please send me your setups!

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Re: Healthy Happy 5 PPs in Columbia, MD seeking new home

Post by FJrocks003 » Mon Mar 02, 2020 7:03 am

Are they still available? I know it has been a while sense you posted this.
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