Hermie in Austin needs new home

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Hermie in Austin needs new home

Post by Lorelei » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:51 pm

Hello, I have a cute little hermie that needs a new home. We've had him since July but he seems lonely. I work full-time and try to give him as much attention as possible but I think he would be happier with other crabs. He comes with his own crabitat. His name is Crabbie :-) Anyone looking to expand their hermit family or wanting to start one? Please post here or message me. Thank you!

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Re: Hermie in Austin needs new home

Post by singingcricket » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:02 pm

Hi! My husband I and would love to adopt another crab. And I can come to Austin to pick up Crabbie!

We are located in Houston, TX. We have had 3 crabs for 11 years.

We have three crabs of medium to large size: Shenanigans, Sherbert, and Jimmy

Brief description of their crabitat:

40 gal breeder. currently ~13 inch sand (hermit crab patch substrate mix). Black paper up to sand level around 3 /2 sides for darkness during molts. 1 large water dish fresh + 1 dish salt (instant ocean salt mix), 2 large hidey huts, 1-2 cholla wood sticks, large climbing wood, 3 small hidey huts. 2-3 medium food dishes (one for calcium / supplements) (we usually order various hermit crab patch mixes). 1 temperature, 1 humidity gauge. 1 Tropic Aire humidifier. 4 side panel heaters used as needed, but haven't needed since now we keep heat on 78F in their room through winter. Also have 1x of 20-gal and a 1x of 10-gal back up tanks and a few small totes. Large selection of shells and decor to change the tank around.

I will also send you a private message with personal contact information.

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