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A Tad Crabbed confused

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:47 am
by Not2crabby shy PP, gus gus rarely shows face, even at night, he's a sneaky one.. Well the other day after feeding them popcorn, like I've never seen before there was gus Gus enjoying the Popcorn, this is great. But the next day, I found his shell. And no Gus gus? Well he went into a completely differently shaped shell not like the turbo one he was bought in, i was under the impression to buy and find shells around turbos if they were sold like that. He seems to fit perfect inside of :roll: it, but because he is so shy and stressed all the time, he's turning white on some legs and rarely wants to come out and join the other crabbies. Is there something I can do for him or just leave him be? I don't want him to live his life I've provided a very nice one for him in fear or stress! There's no way he wouldn't be a pp right? Maybe just liked that size she'll better? Maybe I should ask him :hlol:

A Tad Crabbed confused

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:24 am
If he is turning white it is probably because he needs to molt. Crabs preparing to molt need to eat and drink a lot before they do. He might get a bit slow or sluggish. He will need to dig and find a spot to molt. When molting crabs are vulnerable and weak, so he is probably instictually nervous for his own safety. After a healthy and safe molt he should get better. You do not need to do anything for him at this point. Just make sure he isn't being attacked. Watch him in case he is either unable to dig or protect himself.
If you like, fill out the help request template so we can double check your conditions to help your crabs stay healthy and have good molts. viewtopic.php?t=46102
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Crabbers unite!!!

ETA: crabs are individuals, so it is normal for them to do abnormal things, such as wearing the wrong shells. Just be glad he found something he likes!