Crab care questions

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Crab care questions

Post by MeowzTheKat » Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:13 am

So I recently bought two PPs, one big and another is small. I have had hermit crabs before but they were my mothers and so I never really learned too much about them so I wanted to ask some basic questions to help me out.

1. What is the best kind of substrate to use for them that most hermit crabs seem to like rather well?
2. Is there certain water that is good to use? I heard that tap water is unsafe since it contains chlorine, so is bottle water okay or should I just buy a dechlorinator instead? Also the same with salt water, is there bottled salt water that is okay to use or should I buy ocean salt and mix it with water myself?
3. Continuing with the water, how deep should each of their water bowls be?
4. Is it normal for new crabs to bury themselves and be inactive? Is it them destressing?
5. What are good ways at keeping humidity in and what is the ideal humidity and temperature?
6. Also I see tank set ups and I see tubes that lead into the water bowls and I am just curious as to what those are for.
Those are basic questions that have probably been asked a thousand times already, but thank you for taking the time to try to help me out! :)
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Re: Crab care questions

Post by LadyJinglyJones » Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:41 pm

1. A mix of play sand (not calcium sand!) And coco fiber, at 5 sand parts to 1 coco part is recommended.

2. Tap water dechlorinated with Prime, or other dechlorinator that removes chloramines, amonia, and heavy metals is best - both for salt & fresh water. Mixing salt water should be done with marine (not aquarium) salt mix, such as Instant Ocean.

3. Deep enough to submerge in.

4. Yes, completely normal! :)

5. Sealing up the lid, using bubblers in the pools, and supplying s damp moss pit all work.

6. Probably bubblers, for humidity!

Here is the care sheet: ... 51&t=92457

It's s good read!
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