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Update-Buckbeak changed out of the Fluctuosus

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:20 am
by crabby33
Buckbeak has changed out of the Fluctuosus and into a gold mouth with a 1” opening. I suspect he is going to be digging down for his molt soon. Again, I am giving him privacy during this time. Now he’s switched into a magpie. He changed back into the Fluctuosus after I put it back in the tank. He must have had buyer’s remorse after trying on a couple of gold mouths and a magpie and decided to switch back into his old shell. I now believe it’s very important to leave your crab’s old natural shell in the tank when it’s changing shells in case the crab wants to switch back. And I’ve been watching Violet. She seems to want the Fluctuosus. She had her legs on the shell this morning as Buckbeak was preparing to change back. There are plenty of other options for her to choose from, but she seems to only want the Fluctuosus.

Violet has been known to switch into larger shells right before a molt if she’s feeling a growth spurt. I suspect that’s why she’s wanting it. I have also seen her gorging on food. Buckbeak is also in pre-molt, which explained the shell changes last night. I have also seen evidence my crabs are spending a lot of time in the ponds as observing them trying climb in. Large yogurt tubs with the bottoms cut out work great for deep water pool requirements.