Information on mangrove sap?

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Information on mangrove sap?

Post by neofeathers » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:40 pm

I picked up Gardner's Hermit Crab Food the other day. None of the ingredients sound iffy and its on the safe commercial food list, but it seems to be a smaller company and I think ingredients might vary from location to location, or over time. Here's what mine says the ingredients are:

Contents: Mixed Organic Grains, Coconut Meal, Seaweed, Mangrove Sap, trace elements. Contents are balanced for the proper development of cuticle skin during molting. For land hermit crabs. No GMO. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 24% Crude Fat 2.5% Crude Fiber 4.5% Cal 1.0

Everything seems perfectly fine, its all on the safe food list, but the thing that seemed weird to me was "mangrove sap". I couldn't find any information on what mangrove sap is, on the forum or on Google. All that comes up in a search is research papers about mangroves and info on a species of mangrove called the "milky mangrove", in which the milky sap is poisonous so I can't imagine it's that. Mangroves are on the safe food list but they talk about growing it, not the sap itself.

Does anyone have information or personal experience? Am I being paranoid? At this point I'm kind of just curious.
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