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Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

This is where you discuss the conditions of your crabitat -- temperature, humidity, substrate, decorating, etc.

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Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

PostAuthor: rufeelinitnowmrkrabs » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:58 am

Hey all, I just finished reading the heating / lighting thread, but I want opinions and advice!

I have a 65 gallon bowed tank that I’m finally moving crabby into, (and perhaps a future rescue crab!)
the tank is equipped with a glass top (which is good to keep heat in) and a fluorescent light (not sure what kind), which isn’t too bright and may be burnt out. Haven’t checked yet!
In my current 25 gallon set up I have 2 UTH by zoomed located on the back & side. (Size small and extra small) which keeps the temp where it needs to be.
But since I have more room to play with and space to heat, I’m kinda at a halt on what to do. That’s why I need some opinions!

~ Should I just buy a large UTH for the back?
~ And, what replacement bulb should I get for the top light ? Does it really matter as long as it’s not too bright?
~ Do you guys use heat lamps? Or does it dry out the substrate too much? (Most local pet stores do)
~ any tips on introducing him to the new tank?

I know this is a lot, and has probably been answered before. but thank you for everyone’s patience. I learned a lot in my short time being here!

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Re: Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

PostAuthor: aussieJJDude » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:19 am

1. A large UTH may be a better option, as your current UTHs may not be enough for the larger crabitat.

2. If the bulb works, I think there's not need to replace unless its a speciality red/blue/UV bulb. A daylight bulb would be ideal, somewhere in the 5000-7000K range.

3. I use heat lamps, but don't reccomend to everyone unless they are aware that it will dry out your tank - and more likely, no other option. A good brand of UTH sized appropriately will do most tanks fine keeping them around 80F.

4. Set up tank properly, and just add him in. Consider adding some decor/substrate to the new tank so it smells familar. Other than that, do really have to do anything special.

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Re: Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

PostAuthor: Motörcrab » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:03 pm

Everything Aussie just mentioned all all great points. I am going to add the following.

I would order the largest UTH for the back of the tank, some people stop theirs at the substrate others cover the entire back. Covering the entire back will dry the substrate quicker. I like the Ultratherms since they can be covered with insulation.

Depending where you live it may be a good idea to add an additional UTH to one side of the tank the same way I mentioned above. With having two heaters you may also want to add a thermostat to the larger heater rear UTH so it doesn't get too hot. I found it is a lot easier to cool a tank down rather than trying to raise the temperature. The additional UTH would probably really only need to be used from late Fall through mid Spring.

I have a similar set up with two heater system like I mentioned above. Currently my 75 gallon tank is staying between 82-86 degrees with a humidity around 85%. I also use UTH's that are above the substrate. I live in Pennsylvania so temperatures are around freezing this time of year and my house is around 70.
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Re: Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

PostAuthor: curlysister » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:37 pm

It's me from Manitoba where temps range from -40C to +40C! I have a 55 gallon, in an upstairs room in an old farmhouse with no air conditioning and only baseboard heat upstairs. I have personally had the best luck with temps with multiple smaller UTH's. I have two on the back and one on each side. Currently I have three of them plugged in because I have the door to that room shut and the baseboard heater keeps it a little toasty in there. I don't have a thermostat, so I like being able to adjust the number of heaters I plug in as needed.
I have upgraded tanks twice, and used the sub from the old tank, just mixed in new for the bigger sizes. I literally just picked the crabs up and plunked them into the new set up!
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Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

PostAuthor: rufeelinitnowmrkrabs » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:08 am

A late thank you to you guys. I’ve been busy with new tank preps/cleaning! I ended up buying a large (11x17”) ExoTerra 25w UTH today. And I’ll see from there if I need more heat to battle the cold north lol!
Tomorrow will be busy, mixing more substrate, cleaning the tank up and bringing it up two floors! (Along with it’s heavy base stand )
Thanks again for the detailed responses! They sure saved me the stress and time at the store. Cheers x

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Re: Finally moving into the 65 gallon! (Heating question)

PostAuthor: ROSIEonFIRE » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:59 pm

Keep us updated on ur tat progress!
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