55 gallon upgrade...

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55 gallon upgrade...

Post by fandt94 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:54 pm

So I did the deed and bought a used 55 gallon tank. I’m not ready to set it up anytime soon as it needs cleaning, I have a crab down and I don’t want to stress them again so soon...not to mention I need to budget but I want to purchase supplies over time. About how much play sand do you think I will need? With my 29L I only bought 1 50lb bag but I also ordered 2 25lb premixed bags from THCP to mix in as well. I’ve ordered more from them for the new tank...I know it’s pricey but I really like the quality. I’ve also still got 2 bricks of unused EE.

It came with an aquarium hood light with the tube type lighting so probably not going to use that....not sure. I think I will probably order a glass top to cover the entire top.

With Fall here and Winter around the corner my family room won’t be getting much natural daylight anymore...any recommendations on lighting as far as that goes?
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