Power Outages

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Power Outages

Post by DevilNDisguise » Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:40 am

Inspired by the fact that because we had an extremely bad windstorm yesterday and throughout the night before, we lost power and didn't get it back for almost 8 hours. This brought along an issue: the heating of my hermit crabs.

Now, we live in an area which experiences frequent power outages, especially given because we basically live in middle of the woods. Being in New England (NH, specifically), it gets cold enough this time of year as it is, and with winter coming we're bound to get more outages.

The solution I've always used for my bearded dragon if it gets to the point of prolonged coldness is to put him in a smaller spare tank insulated inside and out with blankets and/or towels, and I put hand warmers on the inside, then wrap him up and stick him in.
Of course, I can't really do that to the hermit crabs without causing all kinds of stress, obviously.

I've read about people wrapping the tank in blankets and pillows, using generators to keep the power going for them, transporting them to someone's house with power, etc. Don't think a generator will be able to be in question, though, and I unfortunately don't have anyone I could bring them to.

So I was wondering if there're any other creative ways people have thought up to keep their enclosure warm enough (even at least to the minimum), or would I be safe moving them into a smaller tank and using the same hand warmer trick if I had to? I suppose I could also use them on their current enclosure, but maintaining the heat will definitely be more difficult with those once they're in the 75g.

A couple more related questions:
- How long could they potentially be alright without the heat?
- Would any molters be fine being left where they are without the heat?
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