Exotic hermit crabs

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Exotic hermit crabs

Post by pearl29mi » Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:05 pm

I am looking into getting some exotic species. I know how to care for them but how many gallons does beach one need?
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Re: Exotic hermit crabs

Post by megmaholm » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:38 pm

The more the better. Exotics need a lot more substrate to dig in, which typically requires a much bigger tank. Personally I wouldn't go with less than a 40B or a 55 for relatively few crabs - they need the space and some types don't handle crowding as well as PPs. I don't know the specific crabs per gallon ratio since I don't own exotics, so maybe someone who owns some can chime in on their setup. :)
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Re: Exotic hermit crabs

Post by meg_and_the_zoo » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:44 pm

This may help


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