NJ, PA Adopters

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NJ, PA Adopters

Post by laceyjae0627 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:24 pm

Punxutawney, PA

I live in Punxsutawney pa. I have a 75 gallon tank with 10 crabs. I would love to adopt crabs that come with a set up already. We are really looking for tanks 75 gallons or more. I am willing to pay for the setup if it is a reasonable price. I will also adopt just the crabs since we are in the works of getting a couple bigger tanks. The heat and humidity in my tank now ranges from 78 to 85. Have 8 inches of substate now but and going to add more when molters come up. Only feed organic. Have over 65 shells for them.


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Re: NJ, PA Adopters

Post by grain190 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:17 pm


Hello, I am from Southwestern PA (about an hour south of Pittsburgh) also close to Morgantown WV. I have had hermies for over 10 years. Current set up is 30 gallon. I'm willing to adopt or help out anyone in the area who may be in need of re-homing their crabbies. Thank you :) ~Marianne


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Re: NJ, PA Adopters

Post by isadoraisacat » Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:38 pm

Brunswick, NJ

Looking to get a second tank, and adopt some E's or other exotics if their up for adoption.
Location (nearest large city, state, country): new brunswick, nj, usa.
How Far Can You Travel?: only local if you can drive to me (i dont drive).
Size of Tanks, Number of Crabs, and Species: Wanting to get second tank, for exotics around 55gallon or a little small. Trying to find E's to adopt.
How Long Have You Been Crabbing?: only a few months, but very serious. have put so much time/money/love into this.
What You Are Able to Adopt?: E's, possibly straws.
I Would Like to Be Contacted By - Email - or - PM - .PM I would prefer.


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Re: NJ, PA Adopters

Post by JulieK0311 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:05 am


Looking to adopt 2 more purple pincers to add to our 2 my mother got for my son a few weeks ago.

How Far Can You Travel?: Any reasonable distance in NY/NJ area
Size of Tanks, Number of Crabs, and Species: 10 gal, 2 purple pincers
How Long Have You Been Crabbing?: Only a few weeks, but are doing everything by the book! Know that our crabbies need more friends.
What You Are Able to Adopt?: Any small-medium sized crabs that would play well with our 2 PPs
I Would Like to Be Contacted By - Email - or - PM - .Either is fine!


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Re: NJ, PA Adopters

Post by Girlybbygir » Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:05 am


Hello there fellow crabbie owners! I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I have a 55 gallon long tank plus a 40 gallon long tankand also a 20 gallon. I am researching how to customize my own dyi tank my dream is a 4-6 ft long x 4ft high. I currently have a total of 32 little guy's and still have my very first crab after 8 plus years! I have owned crabbies for close to 9 years and willing to adopt more. My crabbies do not eat store bought foods I buy some of my food from esty and organic fruits and veggies I also pick my own flowers once a week for my little guys from my garden! And over the past years I have learned how to make my own food. Thats also where I got my isopods from since I know my lawn is not fertilized. If you would like pictures pf my tanks please feel free to ask! I am also willing to travel up to 1 hour for my new crabbies. My email address is Girlybbygir at gmail.com please feel free to contact me at any time :) :crabbigsmile: :crabbigsmile: :crabblush: :crabblush: :D :clap:

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Northeastern Pennsylvania

Post by PerverseImp » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:03 pm

Erie, PA (Northeastern PA)

Hello, all. I'm new to the forums and a crabber of about three years returning from a (way too long) break. On a whim, I picked up what was the last living hermit crab on a boardwalk store during a vacation in Myrtle Beach. The silver dollar-sized PP is now set up in a 10-gallon of his own, with a terra cotta pot hide, ~five inches of EE/sand substrate, fresh and saltwater dishes, two food dishes, a UTH, and plenty of shells to push around, but he needs some friends! I'd like just a couple more to keep with him. I can take small- or medium-sized hermies that can be at home in a ten gallon tank. I feed a homemade diet every day, with fresh coconut and vegetables. I can travel about forty-five minutes to an hour from where I am located (about fifty minutes south of Erie). I'd be glad to send photos and more details about my crabitat, if desired. Feel free to PM me here, or shoot me an email at mietuserin[at]gmail[dot]com


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PA, MD & DE area

Post by auntnera » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:13 am


Hi, I am located in the Southern Chester County PA in the tri-state area of Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. I have a 55 gal tank of coconut fibers and beach sand (properly cleaned of course). A heating pad for those winter months. I have a fresh water and salt water pool large enough for swimming or just lounging around. I have drift wood, grape vines and leaves, selves and lots of shells of all verities, sizes, color and weight to try on. (Pics upon request) I have 5 PP's that I've had for 8 years, and 2 smaller guys I've had for 3 years (adoptees from a neighbors beach trip that were going to be thrown out. :x ) All have molted with no problems. They get a diet of fresh veggies, fruit, earth worm castings (they love this stuff), seaweeds and dehydrated foods. I have crushed oyster shells in the sand for nibbling and broken up blue claw crab shells for added calcium.
Always looking to help a little guy out. My crabbies are friendly and are use getting new brothers and sisters.
I will pay for overnight shipping (weather permitting). Fell free to contact me with any questions.
renadfox at aol.com