California Adopters

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California Adopters

Post by lindalee » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:15 pm


I am in Modesto, Ca. and I am looking to adopt one or more crabs, I have wanted them for a long time but so much of my time was invested in cat rescue/fostering that I didn't think I could give the crabs the amount of time that they require. My husband has passed away so I have a lot of time now . I'm sure I can be a loving parent. I have a ot of animal care experience and am willing to put in the work. I cannot drive long distances.
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Re: California Adopters

Post by LindseyW » Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:13 am


Location: 1.5 hours north of San Francisco (Cloverdale, CA)

How Far Can You Travel?: I'd be willing to travel 30-45 minutes from my home.

Size of Tanks, Number of Crabs, and Species: I have 1 10 gallon tank and 1 hermit crab. I would love to add 1 or 2 friends for this guy. We got this little guy when my 4 year old won him at the fair. I knew nothing about hermit crabs or their care at that time, but since then I have read a lot about them. I want to give him some friends without supporting the pet store industry. I have my tank set up well and have invested in this little guy, so I'm planning on keeping him and others now for the long term.

How Long Have You Been Crabbing?: Only for 3 weeks, but I'm invested in him now and will keep it going for the long term. I want to help them be as happy and healthy as possible.

What You Are Able to Adopt?: 1-2 hermit crabs.

I Would Like to Be Contacted By - Email - or - PM - . Contact me via email please. lindseywehn (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
Thanks for your consideration! -Lindsey

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