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The HCA and the Heartbleed Virus

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:33 pm
by Lady WolfStorm
Hello fellow HCA'ers!

Recently, it was announced a virus called the Heartbleed virus was discovered. The Heartbleed Virus exploits a vulnerability in the OpenSSL software that many secure websites use.

I am here to inform you that as soon as the announcement was made, the servers the billing for the HCA were updated. There is no concern for the HCA itself, since we do not actually use OpenSSL with our sites. To identify a possible website that uses OpenSSL, the website must begin with "https://" not "http://"

For our monetary donations, we use Paypal. Paypal is also not affected by this virus. You can read more about it

For security reasons, it is always recommended to not use the same password across multiple websites. If you wish to change your password on the HCA, you can do so by going to the User Control Panel.