Fogger vs humidifier

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Re: Fogger vs humidifier

Post by Breeezy » Tue May 26, 2015 10:02 am

megmaholm wrote:I've been running a humidifier in my 55 gallon tank since around September. I went with the Crane drop humidifier (about $40 on Amazon) and run a hose from it to the tank, through a cut out corner of the screen lid. When I set up my 40 gallon, I got a 2nd humidifier and did the same thing. Both tanks easily stay at 80% and I only need to refill the humidifiers about once a week.

However, if you go with a fogger or humidifier, I strongly suggest using a false bottom. I run my humidifiers 24/7 and recently had quite a bit of excess water built up at the bottom of the 55. Without the false bottom, it would have been more serious.
I did the same thing! Working out great! :D
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Re: Fogger vs humidifier

Post by Nia » Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:45 am

if you can find one that has a narrow opening there is no modification required. For my humidifier I had a large tube laying around with the old fish tank supplies. I believe it is the same size tube as you would find on a fish vacuum hose. I simply put that hose into the part that the mist comes out and the other end in their tank. It fogs up their tank in a few minutes so that is really all I need to run it. Even on low. Lol first time I ran it tho crabbies went flying :P. Now they seem to like it even standing under it like a mist shower lol. It will work better for them once I get it put into the bigger tank.
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