Putting the house up for sale.

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Putting the house up for sale.

Post by Crabber85 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:08 am

The bank refused to work with us by lowering our payments because they said that if they lowered the payments based on my mothers income we would only be paying about $300 a month that is with insurance included and they didn't want to go that low but unfortunately for them the way the law works they would have so the opted to refuse us the loan modification and chose to offer a quick sale solution instead.This made me curious about what our home is actually valued at so I looked it up online and its way more than the $90,000.00 the bank quoted they lied to us to make us believe that we were upside down and had no equity when in fact we have more than enough equity because our house has gone up in value nearly thirty thousand dollars and this makes me furious because they know they can get more for the house than we are currently paying based on its accrued value so they'd rather take the house away from us and try to resell it at a higher price than to work with us and help us keep it. My mother is going to ask way below what the house is actually valued at so that the bank can't make anything off of it this is her way of getting back at them. They say that they have to wait for 120 days while the house is on the market before they will just up and take it back at which point they will make nothing off of it because they will then have to lower the sale price by about half the homes value in order to follow the new real-estate laws which means either way they go about it they are loosing lots of money in the end which makes me happy. I'm taking a small break from cutting the lawn I have to do this according to the bank the house and lawn have to manually maintained while the property is on the market well I've got news for the bank if I'm not living here I'm sure as heck not traveling over here just to cut the grass for free for them it ain't gonna happen... The real-estate lady my mother has been talking with said not to worry about doing all that manual maintenance while the house is listed because the real-estate company will pay a landscaper to come out and take care of the yard. The weather has been atrocious the heat and humidity are killing me its about 91 degrees outside and the humidity is in the 80's so I'm overheating very quickly and having to take lots of breaks..
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