My Pet Wood

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My Pet Wood

Post by Tongue Flicker » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:46 pm

You know how scorpions and tarantulas are called pet holes and pet rocks? Now a new term should be added to the list, Pet WoodJust an update:In 2008, i had a sub-adult pair of emerald tree skinks. They mature very slowly and now they are 5 years old going 6 this coming August. Last year, my drunkard snakedealer sold me a trio adding up to 5. Two of the newcomers died due to heat and travel stress so my dealer promised to give me replacements but failed to do so. As a result, they were sold to me free.A rare glimpse of one skink sleeping (pics taken at 3am lol) There are 2 hollow mopani wood inside and my emerald tree skinks love frolicking and hiding in it (perhaps hide in it forever). I do know they are out and about during the day when i'm away coz the food dish is empty every 2-3 days.Obviously, my imagination is below sea level so this is the best that my creative mind could come up with lol. I was planning to upgrade to a bigger tank if the replacements came but for now this'll suffice. Even after 5 years they are still quite flighty and skittish. Guess that'll never change.
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