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Chatroom Notice

Post by KittyCaller » Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:50 am

Please be aware that the general rules of the board apply to the chatroom as well. We ask that you refrain from chatting about topics of a controversial nature, including but not limited to religion, politics and those of a sexual nature. We are and always have been a family friendly board and we would like things to remain so. Please also take note that the Admin team have access to Chat transcripts and we do monitor them on a regular basis. Those found in violation of board policy may be issued a warning. The Chatroom is a favorite feature of LHC and we would like for it to remain so. Thank you very much for your cooperation.-The LHC Admin Team

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Chatroom Notice

Post by Christa » Sat Jul 21, 2007 4:10 am

FYI, I have enabled chat room moderations so Admins can take action if they are in the chat room and witness inappropriate behavior.In the past there were some technical issues with the moderating, i.e., a Moderator has to approve every message typed in chat. I've disabled that function so it should not be a problem.If you have issues with the chat room moderation, please contact me or one of the Administrators, any of them can help.Oh and as an aside, people who elect to be hidden on the forums are only hidden from other members, they are not hidden from Administrators. Thank you for your time.ChristaLHC Owner
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