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Easter, what did you do

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:32 am
by Laurie LeAnn
We went to the father in laws. The traditional thing. Who ever wants to come shows up does, we all bring food to share. The kids try to fly kites. This year was a fail. No wind was strong enough. We always have bubbles and sidewalk chalk, then for the little kids that are there we have a Easter egg hunt. Then at 2:30 is the town Easter egg hunt, I always take a picture of every one walking down this road to the hunt. This town bunt is they thrown tons of choc. Eggs out and hide a few plastic ones then have age groups go at dif. Times in dif. Areas in the plastic ones there are numbers they indicate how much money you get, then the person with the most choc. Eggs gets a money prize. I caught my nephew throwing choc. Eggs in his daughters basket, I called him on it. Not fair.. Sorry she is the same age as the rest in her group, she knows what to do. I mean really are parents that desperate for their kid to win a buck or two? My nephew Colton that is 3 and a half got the most eggs and got a gold coin. No help at all. Then we all walked back to papas house ( father in laws) pigged out on pie, cup cakes, cake, etc.. everyone finally left but me Darryl my son Kyle Tim ( he's my bro in law) and Mackenzie his 4 yr old. We ended up watching frozen..I am so lost ..I think I must of missed part of the movie , Kyle has seen it 3 times, Mack can sing all the songs word for word, Tim even knows the characters..I don't know anything.. but I did think it was funny. I got Cadbury eggs filled w caramel, m& m, and choc. Bunny. I made Easter baskets for my kids they were little a wrapped cookie, candy bar, oh ya I was d.g. getting stuff and saw snicker easter bunny they were shoved over by 1$ sign I think candy bars are 1$ so o.k.these gotto be1$ right? Well I get to check out and we are talking really looking at the register got my total it was 20$ I asked if that w my5$ off she said yes. I get home got to looking at my receipt those snickered rabbits were 3.50$ each! I had 3 of them I put them back in the bag took them back and said I love my kids but not that much! I will buy them a reg candy bar. Over 11$ for choc rabbits! I must of spent about 30$ on baskets on candy and other junk To go with it for 6 PEOPLE..all because one kid said I never get a Easter basket...can't do for just one and not others..I play fair. Came home went bike riding , felt blaaa, still feel Blaaa today, to much food and to much sugar loaded food, makes you physically ill when your not used to eating it. Today is a day of not moving to much either, just exhausted , fibro fog ( like medicine head) ache all over, stabbing pains. I have a good day then the next I crash. I am glad Easter was a good day