news you don't like to hear (graphic)

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Laurie LeAnn
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news you don't like to hear (graphic)

Post by Laurie LeAnn » Fri May 29, 2015 3:02 am

I got a phone call saying my older cousin of 67 that lives in hancock county, Illinois was shot and killed by an 8 th grade kid. He got a gun and shot into her house . Shot into her kitchen Windows and her bed room . She was getting up to either see what going on or to get dressed and a bullet hit her in the back of her head. She passed instantly. This kid was to said to have adhd..if so be it but it doesn't make it o.k. I have been around kids that are that way and if they are on their meds then they know what they are doing. I also know kids that blame their behavior on their problems to. As if it gives them a free pass to act badly or break laws and rules. Also parents!!! Why weren't the guns locked up properly!! My aunt said he could break the glass to a gun cabinet..I told her no, you don't put your guns in glass cabinet. You buy a metal heavy duty gun type, you bolt it to the wall where there is a stud , you hide the key or put it in a safe w a number lock! This should of never happened. It would of never happened if the guns were put up. This kid even knew her and his parents were long time friends w her boyfriend. He has been arrested faces multiple charges. My aunt- her mother is 92..this is extremely hard on her. Nanci was the niciest and bubbliest person you would of ever met

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news you don't like to hear (graphic)

Post by jenok » Fri May 29, 2015 5:51 am

How very sad. Prayers to you and your family.