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the fibro dr visit

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:24 pm
by Laurie LeAnn
uuggg! I am so aggrivated. I told him about my hands and feet being so cold, told him they turn colors when I handle stuff that is cold. now he wants to poke me with needles says it blocked nerves..really? if it was blocked nerves it wouldnt be on both sides. then he said maybe ranauds, diabetes, gout.. come on..gout? I dont have gout, or diabetes! so then I told him I still am in pain, constant chronic pain and now having fatigue big time. he upped my meds once and I felt good for about 2 weeks then i hurt all over again. so now i take my meds 3 times a day. my friend says she has it but never went to a specialist to be properly diagnosed, just some dr a long time ago gave her depression pills and told her she had it cause her back hurt. now her back has really been hurting, she also has that curving of the spine and she had a dr appt and she told this dr her fibro is really acting up and could she get meds for it, this dr told her she couldnt diagnose her and had to send her to my dr. but before that is making her have a bone scan and something else. I told her a bone scan and this other thing does not tell you that you have fibro, just show that if you have bone deformities that is causing your back to go out so much. if you dont have the tender points and in chronic pain he wont give you meds..I dont think she has fibro I think she has depression with back pain, she never complains of any other symptoms..sure not like I have or others I have seen on you tube and I have told her to you tube people with it and then she would know if you have it..