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Post by HermitCrabby_LHC » Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:37 pm

WHAT DO I DO! I totally didnt read up when I got MAckleMore. And he wont eat, but he looks and acts healthy, and the water is a tad cloudy, but it doesnt smell bad and I dont want to destroy his perfect little bubble nest. AHHH! What if he starves? WIll he eat chicken?????????????????????????? BVFAVB"LKjGUIPg lollololololololololololol Anyway, I NEED HELP

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Post by Crabber85 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:07 pm

Bowls and aquariums less than five gallons are really not big enough for betta fish as they need to have the water temperature stay above seventy four and no higher than eighty two degrees to prevent digestive issues as well as infections and parasites.You really need to do a total water change once every other day if the bowl is less than five gallons because the vollume of water in such a small bowl with go toxic fairly quickly causing the fish to be more prone to bacterial and fungal infections like fin rot, ick and velvet disease.You really need to have a filter on the bowl but not one that issues a strong out flow to help keep the water clean and to lower the chances of the betta getting sick.If you haven't already get some fresh water aquarium salt like API or Jungle and do 5 tablespoons to one to five gallons of water this will help buffer the fish against infection and replenish it's electrolyte levels.Its normal for newly purchased fish to not have an appetite for several days after being brought home from the pet store as it does need time to acclimate to it's new water conditions and tank set up.Bettas love to have places to hide and because their fins are very delicate you shouldn't use regular plastic plants which can rip or tare the fins leading to infection so instead opt for silk or real plants they will be much appreciated by your fish.I've got three female veiltails in a 29gallon tall and they are loving it.They have a heater which is set to seventy eight degrees and two seperate HOB(hang on back) filters one is rated for up to thirty gallons and the other is rated for up to fifteen so that the water is getting adequate filtration at all times.I've had this particular aquarium running for three months now and have had no problem with cloudy water or algae because I do regular daily maintanance on the aquarium along with weekly water change outs of twenty five percent to keep the water quality as high as possible.If you don't have one I highly reccomend getting a gravel vac which makes cleaning the gravel and removing the water at the same time easy and simple to do.Your water is cloudy because of the food you've been feeding your fish which means the water really needs to be changed out at least every other day to prevent the build up of toxins in the water associated with rotting food and fish waste.As for the food you should be rotating between the pelleted betta food and blood worms every other day at the least with one day a week as a miss day to give the fish's digestive system time to catch up which helps to prevent bowel blockages.Chicken should not be fed to your fish along with any other table scraps because they just can't digest it.Stay away from the flake food as bettas cant digest it either it just swells up in their stomaches creating blockages or constipation which is a common cause for betta deaths.How is your fish swimming is he spordaic or is it normal looking?
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