Rumors about Sony going bankrupt over PS3/4 systems.

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Rumors about Sony going bankrupt over PS3/4 systems.

Post by Crabber85 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:55 am

This topic has been getting bounced around the internet for a year now and it started with Sony's fiscal report last year concerning the sells of PS3 systems and the fact that they've been loosing money on these systems over the last couple of years.Basically a top economic analyst got their hands on a fiscal report from Sony from the first quarter of either 2012 or 2013 and noticed that Sony was bleeding out money as the company over payed in Research and Development when the PS3 was being designed and could not recoup the money they'd spent building the unit when the console went on the market for sale, you combine this with the technical issues the PS3 faced with several million consoles being shipped with broken HDMI ports right from the factory and the numerous software issues with games literally breaking the console Sony lost so much money on having to do repairs on the defective HDMI ports and full console replacements on consoles that YLO'D(Yellow Line of Death, this happens when the console experiences severe hardware failure namely a failure with the motherboard caused by faulty game programing among other things) all these repairs and full replacements ended up costing Sony its profit margin on the console and caused the Play Station division to nearly go out of business.Now the PS4 is costing them even more money because they rushed it through R&D and it came out with very similar issues faulty HDMI ports and broken disk drives straight from the factory.Sony spent nearly double what they did when they developed the PS3 on the PS4 and they really didn't have the money to be building another console so soon which has placed them in at 78/79% risk of having to go bankrupt this year or next.Essentially they are not making any money off the sales of the PS4 because they owe so much on the build that each console sold is only putting them further in debt.It's kind of like shopping at a K-Mart each purchase made only puts the corporation further in debt...I've seen a lot of conflicting data from Sony on how well or bad their doing off of the Play Station Division and a lot of people who are avid Sony fans are not wanting to believe that the Play Station Division maybe up for sell in the near future.I know for fact that Microsoft had been contemplating selling off the X-BOX division to another firm because the X-BOX 0ne was costing to much money to build and they weren't pre-selling enough for the Christmas season last year to meet their 4 million consoles sold quota by May.MS had to extend their deadline to meet the quota until August of this year because the console sales for the One have been so low namely due to the much much to high price tag and the fact that they flip flopped so much on how they were going to handle digital rights management on the One.Larry Herb an employee of Microsoft's X-BOX division put out a statement on his blog a few months back that it looked like the X-BOX division could be sold off this year to another firm but last month the decision was made by the new CEO of MS to keep the X-BOX division for the foreseeable future....Its not to much of stretch of the imagination to think that Sony maybe having the same kind of financial troubles as MS over the new consoles they just put out the real question here is what would Sony fans do if Sony went completely bankrupt and didn't exist anymore?I know it would be bad news for the console and video gaming markets because MS would have a monopoly by default and would be able to charge what ever they want when they want for consoles, games and in-game content..
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