Firewall rewiews.

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Firewall rewiews.

Post by Crabber85 » Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:04 am

So far I have tested the Tiny Firewall extension for the basic Windows Firewall it was an alright program it only serves to harden the default Windows Firewall but is easily broken when attempting to deal with Zero-day attacks because it lacks a Zero-day component such as HIPS or Host Intrusion Prevention or a behavioral blocker that looks at incoming traffic to see if certain incoming items are behaving in an odd or suspicious way.Due to a lack of Zero-day protection this program really isn't the best option in my opinion.The next firewall that I tested was Emsisofts Online Armor free which was recently discontinued and no longer available for download it did have a pretty good security suite, it had an impressive HIPS feature, a behavioral blocker and an intuitive learning mode but it was a huge resource drain it used way more CPU and RAM than it should have which kept my system running slow and that was something I did not like.The last firewall that I've tested and am currently still using and that's Comodo's Personal Firewall which has all of the features of Online Armor but uses less CPU and RAM and actually has sandbox feature which allows you to run any program in a virtual space so if your using something your not entirely sure about you can run it in the sandbox and Comodo will monitor the program for suspicious behaviors and then let you know if anything odd is detected which is a very great feature to have.My personal recommendation is Comodo's free personal firewall because it has a powerful combination of security features and plays nicely with a lot of anti-virus and anti-malware programs.
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