Yearly Substrate change on the forty gallon.

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Yearly Substrate change on the forty gallon.

Post by Crabber85 » Mon May 11, 2015 10:40 am

This past Saturday I was finally able to get the substrate re-done, I had to move my hermitcrabs back into forty gallon after two years of them being in the 120 gallon because of issues I was having with the larger tank and I used some of the existing substrate from the 120 gallon in the forty but the problem was the sand was going on two years in the 120 gallon and was smelling musty and ripe six months ago.Anyway I was finally able to get a three pack of Eco Earth and replaced over half of the old sand freshening the substrate up and my hermitcrabs have been moving around and have been more active in the last three days then they have been in months.I'm loving how easy the forty gallon is to keep up compared to the much larger tank I was using and now I'm thinking about selling the 120 gallon though I know I wont even get half of what its worth but I've got to do something with it.
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