in the beginning

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in the beginning

Post by crazycrabber » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:33 am

when i first got my crabitat set up i was so impressed with it, now i am like this is nothing! in the beginning i thought calcium sand was okay, it is now to be replaced with playsand. i also thought using a spritzer was a genius way to keep up humidity, now i have a system to keep up the good humidity for 2 days. i also was satisfied with fake plants, now i actually got a real plant in there. i used to think a sponge and its dish were nice and nessecary, now i know that hermit crabs can't drink out of sponges, and that stuff is so unnessecary. now i know that i need a heating pad three times the size of the tank, and it can not be bottom mounted or it could kill molting crabs. and i now realized that their tank is 2 gallons and they will be moved to a proper ten gallon tank and not be bored. i also now know some amazing scientific facts about hermit crabs, like they have over 50 places to hear on their sides. still got a lot to learn, but much better than when i started, am so disgusted of my past!
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