my pp is a champion climber

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my pp is a champion climber

Post by crazycrabber » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:10 am

i have two pps, one of mine is a massive one, and he even pinched me once, he has a massive big pincher! the other has been climbing to the top evry day, he is smaller, and he ripped the top off twice, he climbed to the top of his temporary container when i was cleaning their cage. he climbed to the top every 30 seconds, i left the room for 10 seconds and he was already out and on my bed, no exaggeration! it has happened less since their cage was cleaned, i cleaned it since it started smelling like rotten egg and getting a little swampy, is that why they both climbed a lot? it got swampy, because i had to spritz a lot, because the humidity kept going down to far. any other ways to keep humidity up? also can indonesian hermit crabs really get bigger than coconuts? has anyone ever had their pp hermit crab for at least 40 years? i am going to try to get mine to live that long!
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