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RIP My Baby, Red Beans

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 12:26 pm
by gumboandbensmom
well, Red Beans joined her partner Rice, and friends Gumbo, Beignet, Purple Haze, Etouffe, Jambalaya, Crabby Patty, Dirty Rice, Hurricane, Prince, Remoulade, etc. She lost her battle after a molt- i think UK2 may have disturbed her & even eaten her exo. she lived naked on & off for the past week or 2. i loved her very much, & sad that she is gone- i am glad she isnt suffering any longer, though. that was the worst. i posted a picture in the iso tank forum- it is after i first got her- just shy of 3 years ago. she molted so much that she changed into 3 other shells since that one- its so tiny. i love you red beans.