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Taps and a rolecall for beloved old friends.

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:16 pm
by Guest
It pains me to talk about the countless crabs that I had and lost. So, so many... and I loved them all. I really can't talk about it or I lose my mind. But tonight... tonight I feel it's only proper that I pay respect to every last crab of mine who died tragically, for whatever reason they each did, and when...It pains me immensely, but tonight, I honor and remember, in no particular order...The PPs:Crabbie (m) the first, and the longest lasting...Leylana (f) the shell changerIke (m) the little 'unVanessa (f) the survivor, the vanisherShawnash (m) the KingAlpha (m) my beloved "Mooka"...Bravo (m) predesecor kingCharlie (m) the crimson specimenDelta (f) the beautiful dark girlEcho (f) the BP regrowerFoxtrot (f) the beautyGolf (m) the traderHotel (f) the shy angelIndia (f) the climberJuliet (f) the micro girlKilo (m) micro boyLima (m) another poor fragile microMike (m)Oscar (m) Gentle JumboUniform (m) the "diaper" crabVictor (m)the sunrise crabWhiskey (m)the broken little 'unX-ray (?)Yankee (?)Zulu (m) the sweet microScorpion (m) my rebellious king...E's:Eddie (m) most beloved male, miracle molter Amasa (m) the ancient (est 40 yrs old)Ellie (m) the miracle molter girlJohnny (m) fish lover Flash (m) the abusedWisawa (f) precious micro girlKate'n (m) precious micro boyNovember (f) beautiful girlSierra (f) poor PPS victim...Tango (f) looked so agonized...Buug Buug (f) the beautyMook Mook (m) the drinkerKashmir (f) the shyStrawberry's:Rosie the Riveter (f) the most beloved and remembered.Geno (m) the shy strawRaspberry (f) the fruit nibblerRuggies:Plum (m) the wee fuzzy plumBug (f)agonizing PPS death...Noir (m) the mystery deathYou are all sorely, sorely missed.