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Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:02 am
by Guest
we have had our PP for 3 weeks and on Saturday the 28th i gave them a bath and noticed my 9 year old sons crab seamed lifeless. I made a small spot in the corner of the tank and set him back in so i could watch and be sure he had passed and was not just molting.Monday after i got home from work (with tears in my eyes) I told my son i think Rock is no longer alive. we removed him from his shallow hole and he did smell so we new he was gone. We where all so sad. we only had him 3 weeks and he touched our hearts so fast. Rock is burred in the back yard now and we went back for a new one. we did not replace Rock we just added to our family. my son picked out a lively one then we noticed this real shy one with a strange shark shell and got him too. he just looked like he needed a home and needs to get out of that shark shell. so we now have 4 PP. RIP Rock, you where in our lives for such a short time but touched our hearts in a way i would have never i believed <3