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In memory of...

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2003 4:33 am
by Guest
I have lost a few crabs over the years but the ones that have affected me most were the deaths of TinyBabette, Bully and Hannibel. The first two were my fault. I just didn't think it would really stress out the crabs if I "checked" on then in iso. It was my fault they died because I was being an inconsiderate human. I learned my lesson the hard way and that's why I stress so much for people to leave their crabs alone during and AFTER molting. Hannibel was a different story. He meant a lot to me from the beginning because he was purchased for me by Old Battle Axe. He such a personality that he stood out from the other 30 crabs i had at the time. He was cannibalistic but he was in love with a coconut. He died in the same way he had killed other crabs; he was attacked during a molt. I'm glad this forum is here. I think we all feel the need to discuss the ones we miss and feel the consoling words of other members of the community. However, these types of posts never really fit in to the other forums. Thanks Christa for this forum.