in memory of a very likeable personality

Where to post about the loss of your beloved pet hermit crabs. Replies are not permitted in this forum; please PM a member with your condolences for his or her loss.
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in memory of a very likeable personality

Post by crazycrabber » Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:27 am

this is in honor of one of my two hermit crabs, one of the two creatures that brought me to this site, gave me an idea of what my career might be. Richard shermit russhell wilson was a very active hermit crab who came out of hiding every night, climbed to the top of the cage and tried to rip the top off alot, and dug tons of tunnels, richard was very active and was okay with being handled. Richard is a crab that is a role model for how hermit crabs can excite their owners! Richard also always changed shells.
experience comes from this: Harvey (tarantula), flanders (cat), 2 pp hermit crabs, (marshawn pinch, and richard shermit), smallstress house hamster(hamster), baron purplemoon (fish).
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