Where to post about the loss of your beloved pet hermit crabs. Replies are not permitted in this forum; please PM a member with your condolences for his or her loss.
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Post by Crabber85 » Wed May 11, 2011 7:02 am

I found B.J last night he was a small and was in the middle of molting yet again when something went wrong I think he got stuck in is own old exo and the strange thing was he never chirped or made a sound he just gave up.His shell was about four inches down and a couple of my other crabs were tunneling and opened up his pocket they never touched him and their accidentally stumbling upon him allowed me to find him by the smell he was putting off.He'll be missed I had him three years and he made it through six molts that I know of and probably a few I didn't.I don't think he was a pp as his coloring was a tint of black and his big pincher was differently shaped than a pp's I'm thinking I may have had a ruggie but I never got to get any pics of him so I guess will never know.
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