4 babies without a chance

Where to post about the loss of your beloved pet hermit crabs. Replies are not permitted in this forum; please PM a member with your condolences for his or her loss.
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4 babies without a chance

Post by breezeetew » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:10 pm

I got my hands on some very small pp's from a lady who had them online. She didn't want them, so it was a mercy purchase.They didn't have a chance. One arrived in pieces and within a week, three more are gone.This is not the seller I have gotten from before, and she did not ship well- they bounced a lot. I only got the babies because I was getting other supplies from her. Poor little guys.
I have had hermit crabs for a couple of years and still have most of my originals. I joined LHC over a year ago and have learned a lot about crab care there. I have about 50 crabs (PP, Straw and E) in my 130 gallon tank that is a feature point of my living room.
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