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Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:47 pm
by Pink
I found the remains of Harriet a few hours ago under the shell caddi while I was cleaning. She was clearly passed (as soon as I lifted the caddi, the smell hit me- it had been blocking the odor). From what I can tell, she got stuck in her exo while trying to molt. Harriet was one of my first crabs, also known as Booty and known for getting her long shell stuck in the strangest places. I had Harriet from August to March and this was her first attempt to molt with me, and I feel like I should have done a better job to prevent this from happening. It will be a sadder quieter place without my little bulldozer throwing moss and burying any shell she can find. I'll miss you Harriet. You were a good crab and I'm glad I could spend the short ammount of time with you that I did.