Rip lobby....death of a straw

Where to post about the loss of your beloved pet hermit crabs. Replies are not permitted in this forum; please PM a member with your condolences for his or her loss.
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Rip lobby....death of a straw

Post by beka » Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:33 pm

Its really really sad. I feel horrible. I feel angry!im pretty sure you died overnight Friday. When I saw you Saturday morning I was unsure. I put in a nice raw shrimp, after serving you homemade snowballs Friday afternoon. You didn't move for it. I looked at your still little body all day hoping you were just in a deep sleep. I don't understand. I really thought you were just pre-molt. I'll never know....I hope the last month of your life was the best. I was learning more and giving you the best life I could!We will always love you. You were active and beautiful and truely unique<3
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