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Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:00 pm
by ILoveHermies
Indie died on Wednesday 9/11/13. I had only had him for 2 short months but he was honestly the best little crab I had ever owned.I had a lot of firsts with Indie; he was the first crab that I picked out for my new bunch of crabs (the first bunch where I actually knew what I was doing), he was the first crab that took to me, the first one to let me hold him, the first successful molter I've ever had, and the first molting scare I've ever had. I had so many good times with him, that I haven't been able to have with my other crabs.Even though I've had 20+ crabs in my lifetime, I will be forever changed by Indie. He meant so much to me and for awhile, was the only thing that could make me smile. His death hit me hard and I will always love and cherish the time that I had with him.