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Rest in Peace, Tep

Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 12:21 pm
by pinkypie
Yesterday she was just fine. Today I looked into the cage, picked her up. One limb fell, her eyes were stuck together, and she just kind of fell out of the shell. I knew it wasn't a surface molt because of the scent. This really bummed me out. My fiance and I have no idea why she died, but I'm just thankful the others are okay. Just really sad about it. I feel like it's somehow my fault, though I can't place how it could be my fault... just feels like it. :'(I love all my babies, but there are others to whom I'm much closer. I wasn't particularly as close to this crab as I am to some of the others like Tilly or Thystle. However, I discovered unique qualities in Tep that the others didn't have.The day my fiance brought her home, it was Valentine's Day. I picked her up, put her in my hand, and she said hello by pinching my hand. Any chance she got to pinch me, she did it. Lol. One day she somehow managed to escape from the tank; she walked all the way down the hall, turned into my room... I freaked out seeing her on the floor, so right when I picked her up... she pinched me. Stayed clamped on for 40 minutes. Then got up and walked around like nothing happened. That was a crab you didn't wanna mess with. :PEven though I wasn't super close to her, I still miss her already. I wish she didn't have to go, but death is a part of life and all I can do now is accept it, and keep taking good care of my others.