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When my hermit crab Bluey died.

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:53 am
When I was 7 or 8 I had a hermit crab named Bluey.I admit that I was 7 and did not do as much research on hermit crabs as I did this time(I did hours and hours of research this time!)I did not know about misting,humidity,about molting and all that stuff.So when he died I put him in a little case, and I buried him and had a little get together with my family and said our thoughts about poor Bluey.I feel kinda bad.AND MY OTHER ONES....we had to keep the tank in the basment I forgot all about them, and they died of starvtion and and lack off water! I feel like a monster. What im about to say I said when I was 7.... '' So, they are just stupid hermit crabs!!!!'' Im a monster ;0 So,i have three now and they are my life. When I say my life I mean my life! They are all i care about. So thats my