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Moonpie is in the stars of Heaven

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:01 am
by Crabby Kitty
I lost my favorite Hermie, Moonpie. He was new like the other 5 Hermit Crabs I just bought. He was the most active and ate every night while the others stayed hidden till the middle of night. He always would drink and bathe in the saltwater pool (Like all the other ones I have too seem to prefer the saltwater) Then one night before bed I seen he was just sitting in the freshwater pool and he wasn't moving. I picked him up and he slowly went inside his shell. I left him alone after placing him next to the water pool and in the morning he was out again but this time he was dead. I have no idea why my most active crab would be the one to die. Figures, it is like all my pet fish I have now, the favorites seem to always die first.RIP My MoonPie