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Bye-Bye H.P.

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:37 pm
by CrabbyGirl
I can finally see straight, I've been crying for about 45 minutes... I came home and I honestly do not know what happened, my temp. and humi. is stone still as usual... and he had both salt and fresh water, food, I just dont know... I think thats a small part of the reason I'm crying so hard... I took a candle out od a little tin and put a kitchen sponge in it put him and his little shell in on the sponge, put some cloth over it and then put the lid on the tin, I always go to extremes when burying my pets, I will always remember H.P. he is the one who got me into this lovely addiction <3I get so attached to my pets & get so emotional when they die or are sick