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Post by Guest » Thu Feb 03, 2005 6:46 am

1. Carrots, or colliflower(sp)? cauliflower - I'm on Atkin's & carrots are a no no2. Look out the closest window to your computer. What do you see? My next door neighbor's house3. Have you made a snowman yet this year?no4. If you were a hermie, what kind of shell woul you wear? Whatever kind Love4Hermitcrabs' Kitty has on5. Milk chocolate or dark? Atkin's Endulge Milk Chocolate, but only once in awhile6. Would you rather live in a station in space or under the sea? SEA! Sharks are my absolute favorite animal & I'd be able to watch them & study them. I tried to talk my hubby into turning one of our walls into a tank for a nurse shark. HE said no. Party-pooper...7. Do you believe in the lochness monster? Yes8. Sasquatches? Yep9. Aliens? (be it jellyfishies under pluto's ice or intelligent martians or whatnot) Yep. I believe aliens are responsible for Donald Trump's hair style 10. Michael Jackson? I believe in the Michael Jackson from when I was a kid in the 80's. Black, male, EXTEMELY talented. Whatever the thing is calling itself "Michael Jackson" today also supports my theroy of aliens existing...11. If you had to choose between dying your hair white, bright green, or cyan blue, which would you pick? White with grean & cyan blue highlights12. If you could live in any other country than the one you are located in now, what would it be? If I was forced to leave the USA, then Germany