Sneaky Crabbie!

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Sneaky Crabbie!

Post by bandaidstealer » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:06 am

Couldn't find one of the boys when I woke up this morning, then I noticed the background was looking a little puffy...


Do you think he is okay back there? I really don't want to disturb him...

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Sneaky Crabbie!

Post by GotButterflies » Thu Jul 26, 2018 9:00 am

Mine crawl behind the cork background. He’s fine

Edit: they are prey animals, so they like to hide to feel safe.

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Re: Sneaky Crabbie!

Post by ciaraalston » Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:56 pm

hahaha, mine did the same thing when i had that background! He'd climb behind the background and hang out right in front of the heater. Guess he thought the cocofiber was his blanket :lol:
He also had that exact same shell! seperated twins?! :D :D
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