my crabs's patterns and wish lists!

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my crabs's patterns and wish lists!

Post by crazycrabber » Thu Jul 17, 2014 5:11 am

my bigger crab is too big to fit in the crabshack, so he blocks the entrance,whether or not the smaller one is in it or not. it is actually pretty funny! he is like if i can't go in, then nobody can. he also hangs out on either side of it, and neither crab has used their coconut shell in 2 months, the smaller one always climbs to the top, ripping it off! also he goes in and around the crabshack, and the last two days,they have been climbed on each other, it is obvious that they need their dirty tank, give tham a huge one, give them playsand, etc...... they will get that this weekend, and probably not be bored anymore.
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